Skippered Charter

Skippered Charter

In case you lack the experience or an appropriate boat license, you can decide for the skipper service!

Having a skipper on board allows you to relax and completely enjoy your sailing experience. Skipper will, in agreement with the rest of the crew, plan your sailing route according to your wishes and taking the weather and all safety precautions into consideration.

The primary task of a skipper is to operate the boat and take care of the entire crew’s safety.

If there are no other additional crew members on the boat, skipper must maintain the boat, make all necessary repairs during the sailing, take care of the paperwork, and transfer the vessel from one marina to the other between the charters. The skipper can also provide you with various useful advice, point out the best places for you to visit, answer your questions and even show you a thing or two about navigating a boat!

The skipper also takes care of technical parts of the boat, moorings, and safety of crew. With mostly being locals, skippers usually know the best mooring places, restaurants and other thing that might interest you.

If there is no special cabin for the skipper on the rented vessel, and you are planning on using professional skipper's services, it is mandatory for you to leave a free cabin for the skipper.

Skipper's knowledge can make your active holiday more fulfilled and more relaxed!

Skipper's fee

Skipper fee ranges between €150 and €220 per day and it is regular for the skipper to have meals with the crew. You pay the skipper directly during the check in procedure. Upon your sailing trip ending, the skipper is obligated to issue an invoice for the payment.

Skippers are at your service 0-24, seven days of the week!

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