Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok, Croatian for Long Island, is seventh largest island in the Adriatic Sea. It gets its name from its specific shape, it is around 45km long and 5km wide. The largest settlement on the island is Sali.

Dugi Otok is home to the Sakarun beach, that lays on the northwest coast of the Dugi Otok Island. It is specific for its white sand and clear sea wonderfully surrounded by pine trees. It is 800 meters long and has a big bathing area suitable even for children. It is a picture-perfect beach and a definite must-visit if on Dugi Otok.

Another wonderful place to visit on Dugi Otok is Telašćica, a bay in the southeastern part of the island. It is a nature park with a plethora of sea creatures and wildlife. Telašćica is a 10km long inlet filled with cliffs, islets, and bays. The southwestern side of Telašćica is covered in a thick forest of mainly pine, olive, and fig trees. Telašćica is the home of Lake Mir, a saltwater lake between the Telašćica bay and the open sea. It is a safe harbor for all sorts of vessels.

Take your tennis shoes with you because there are many trekking and hiking trails at Telašćica National Park. At the viewpoint Grpašćak fortress you will enjoy most beautiful view of the cliffs.

Archaeological finding from the field Krševanje polje, Veli Rat and cave Vlakno which originate from the Paleolithic and Mesolithic prove that the island was inhabited very early. You can see remains of Illyrian settlements at Koženjak, Omišenjak, Veli Brčastac, Vrtlaci and numerous piles like Gominjak or Čuh polje. In 2011, during the excavations in the cave Vlakno, the remains of a human male skeleton were found, dating from early Mesolithic 11000 years ago. The experts estimate that he was between 168 and 172 centimetres tall and died of a nonviolent death at the age of 40 by the fire place. Since there are almost no human findings in Dalmatia from this period the scientific value of this finding is priceless.

Dugi Otok in Central Adriatic Region in Croatia
Dugi Otok

In Brbišćica bay you can find fossils from hundred million years ago or visit Golubinka underwater cave with the beach inside. Not far from there lies Dragons eye (Zmajevo oko), a pool of sea water cut deep into the cliffs.

One of the most popular sites to see near Veli Rat is definitely the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic, 42 meters high, dating from 1849, with a charming courtyard and St. Nicholas chapel within. You can even book an apartment there!

Another amazing attraction is Michelle - Italian cargo ship that sank here in 1983. For many years parts of the ship were above sea level. It sank over time and today you can see only its mast sticking out of water, but it is still shallow enough to see and explore it.

Dugi Otok has three shelters for warships-submarines dating from WWII in Božava and Dragovo. Today they make a safe shelters for sailboats and boats. Very interesting to visit and roam around the abandoned army tunnels.

Dugi Otok Island is not crowded and there are plenty of peaceful spots in beautiful nature where you can enjoy your privacy, but also enough modern activities to complement your perfect Adriatic holyday.

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