Šolta is an island in the central Dalmatian archipelago, south of Split, the main settlement on the island is Grohote.

Vineyards, fishing and tourism are all very important for Šolta. The main settlements are inland, leaving Maslinica to be Šolta’s main fishing center, Rogač to be its main port and Nečujam as the center of the island’s tourism.

Šolta is famous for its honey, which is known to have therapeutic properties, protected extra-virgin olive oil, and an amazing red wine made from indigenous island grapes!

Šolta is one of the must-see destinations on your nautical chart. You could either spend some time in the beautiful Marina Martinis Marchi in Maslenica or sail around the island to enjoy many beautiful bays!

Solta in South Adriatic Region in Croatia
Island Šolta
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