Lastovo is an island municipality in the southern Dalmatia consisting of 46 islands, with the biggest one being Lastovo. The island is famous for its 15th and 16th century Venetian architecture. All over the island there is a large number of small churches, showing the islands long Roman Catholic tradition.

The island depends on its amazing natural environment to attract tourists every year, over 25ha of the islands are vineyards, and Lastovo serves as home to over 9000 olive trees! Up until 1995 it was mostly isolated from foreigners, so it remained largely undeveloped, which now makes it an amazing tourist attraction.

The most important event on the island is the Lastovo Poklad, where all the residents participate with wearing folk costumes. The event happens mid-February and has become a great tourist attraction for tourists!

The Struga lighthouse built in 1839 on the southern tip of Lastovo is one of the oldest lighthouses in Croatia.

Lastovo has two marinas, one on each side of the island which makes is so much easier to include Lastovo in your sailing vacation!

Lastovo in South Adriatic Region in Croatia
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