Crewed Charter

Crewed Charter

Touring is fun if you have all the services provided at your disposal. While there are many different charters when it comes to sailing, a crewed charter is probably something that people want the most for reasons that will become obvious shortly. We shall look at these skippered and hostess services.

What is a Crewed Charter?

To put it in simple terms, a crewed charter is one where you have many professionals available with you on the boat that will provide you with different services. For better understanding, read below!

Understanding Crewed Charter In-Depth

Like any other sailing contract, a crewed charter is also a contract where you are provided with your private boat or yacht. However, this contract has additional facilities available right at your disposal. While in other charters, most of the remaining things are your responsibility and the agency has nothing to do with them. In this case, the agency will provide you the professionals of your choice to ensure your trip goes smoothly without any flaws.

Features of a Crewed Charter

The features of a crewed charter are as follows:

  • A captain and chef will be provided to you on this trip. That means you will not have to worry about food and boat management, as all of that will be handled, that too according to your will.
  • The crew will provide you with most of the watersports equipment, such as kayaks, fishing rods, water skis, kneeboards, paddleboards, or even snorkeling fins.
  • You will have all the fundamental facilities like good Wi-Fi, a TV where you can watch your favorite shows and movies, and even audio and video players to dance to your favorite music.


Benefits of a Crewed Charter

The benefits of a crewed charter are as follows:

  • You Will Have No Work to Do
    Typically, you will have no work to do as all the fundamentals would be dealt with by the professional crew available to serve you on the boat. You can focus your time and energies indulging in different watersports, sightseeing, or just sunbathing. As the night approaches, you can turn up the music for the time of your life.
  • The trip would be Fully Luxurious
    The facilities provided to you in a crewed charter would be top-notch. That means you will be in an environment that is packed with comfort and security, and you will get everything you could possibly need right at your disposal. No other service will provide you with the luxury a crewed charter will provide.
  • Best Drinks for the Best Trip
    In a crewed charter, depending on the plan you have chosen, you can also get a fully stocked bar. That bar may provide you with all kinds of drinks, and you can choose one that suits your mood or the theme of your tour. The professional bartenders will make them for you instantly.
  • Hostesses Will be There to Serve You
    While, of course, every luxury is provided, it can still be a hassle if you have to do all the minute tasks yourself. To facilitate you, the boat has hostesses ready on duty on the ship and will provide you with everything you require and will fulfill your every need.

Final Thoughts: As it is quite obvious, a trip on a crewed charter would be something you will remember for the rest of your life. Moreover, if you are worried about privacy, we can assure you the crew will always be trained and educated enough to give you the exact amount of privacy and personal space you will be needing.

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