Korčula is an island located in the southern part of the Adriatic Sea, just off the Dalmatian coast and is the most populous Adriatic island not connected to the mainland by a bridge. Main settlements on the island are the towns of Korčula, Vela Luka and Blato. The island is mainly covered in extensive pine forests.

The Korčula historic center is built on a small peninsula which narrows the passage between the island and the mainland, the reason for establishing the fortified town was the potential for controlling shipping along the eastern coast of the Adriatic.

It is believed that one of the greatest travelers and explorers of all time, Marko Polo, was born in Korčula in 1254, and his house has been preserved in his memory. It is a must-see!

Korčula is famous for its traditional cakes – cukarini, klaštuni, hrustule and prikle, as well as a special rose-petal flavored rozata which are all something you must try if you choose to visit the wonderful island of Korčula!

Korčula is connected to the mainland via multiple ferries, and the nearest airport is in Dubrovnik. ACI Marina Korčula is located just next to the historical center of the town and offers a view of the town.

Island Korcula in South Adriatic Region in Croatia
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