Silba is a small island in the North Adriatic spread on 15km2. The city recently became a tourist destination and hosts over a thousand people during the summer. There is no traffic allowed on the island making it a completely pedestrian zone!

That is why visitors can expect full mind and body relaxation.

Ancient name of the island was Selbo, probably coming from Latin word Silva, meaning forest. Not much has changed since the old days, Silba is still famous for amount of trees that grow there. Asides form the oak and the pine trees, island is covered in aromatic vegetation.

The sea surrounding the island is rich in white and blue fish such as toothfish, mullet, sole, grouper, monkfish, but also squid, octopus and cuttlefish.

The island is filled with small beaches and coves, the main beach Sutorišće is recognizable for its clear and shallow water with sandy bottom. All within half an hour walk are Vele Stene, a part of the island with steep and rocky shores, and Port Sv. Ante – a port favored by people who visit Susak whilst sailing because it is protected from major winds.

Silba in North Adriatic Region in Croatia

Popular site on the island is the definitely Toreta tower. With the tower comes a love story. Captain Petar Marinić built Toreta for his lady so she can look at the sea and see him coming home, but it took Captain too long to return, so the lady married another man. The tower was built along with the house meant for Captain’s darling. You can climb the external spiral staircase and enjoy the view of the entire Silba and the neighbouring islands.

Until the 19th century island kept a custom of electing a village king. The king would reign from December 26th until January 6th. In that short time the king with a crown on his head would bring big decisions regarding the community, deal with the complaints and disputes, choose the village head and the head of the village guards; plan the budget for the upcoming year, etc. The custom is long gone but the king's crown still stands in the parish church.

The weather is sunny, (Silba counts a total of 2570 sunny hours per year), the sea is turquoise, hospitality of the locals is unmatched and you can choose between beautiful beaches and bays. All that makes Silba a destination where you will easily find your place under the sun.

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