Island Lošinj

Island Lošinj

Lošinj is an island in the northern Adriatic Sea, with amazing availability and connectivity, having a road running the entire length of the island, many ferry connections and an airport on the island!

Lošinj is called The Island of Vitality for its over 200 days of sunshine per year, over 280km of walking and cycling trails and high air and sea quality. It is home to over 1200 plant species with over 200 being medical plants and is famous for its aromatherapy center! The gastronomy on the island is made special with local spices and herbs and the Mediterranean diet, as well as Apoxyomenos Antique Cuisine – simple cuisine of Greek people. There are many wonderful spots on Lošinj where you can enjoy an amazing meal!

Apoxyomenos is a masterpiece of both Croatian and world heritage dating all the way back to cca 2nd century B.C. that was taken from the sea near Lošinj in 1999. It is the only large bronze statue found on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. Out of nine known variations of the Apoxyomenos prototype, the one found near Lošinj is best preserved. You can see it in the Museum of Apoxyomenos in the center of Mali Lošinj!

When in Lošinj you can visit Fritzi Place, dating from the 19th century, a historical palace with recognizable quadrifoliate windows, once a municipal building, today Lošinj Museum. The Piperata Collection of Old Masters consists of 27 paintings by mostly Italian masters. Another permanent exhibition in the Fritzi Palace is the Collection of Croatian Masters of Andro Vid Mihičić.

Island Losinj in North Adriatic Region in Croatia
Island Lošinj

Aqua park Čikat, the first aqua park on Croatian islands, provides fun for the whole family with pools and slides filled with sea water. It is placed in the Čikat forest known for its health benefits. Whole Lošinj area has the ideal climate suitable for treatment of respiratory diseases. So, grab a bicycle or go for a walk through Čikat forest - natural health area ever since 1892.

Don’t miss on Open air Museum – Nerezinac lugger - sailboat restored to resemble the local lugger ships from the late 19th century, moored in front of the Museum of Apoxyomenos. This valuable example of Croatian traditional shipbuilding was added to the register of protected cultural goods of the Republic of Croatia in 2010.

You can take a scented tour through a peculiar place in Mali Lošinj – a Garden of fine scents - plantation of island's medicinal herbs. Professional guide will teach you about the rich island flora and medicinal properties of herbs. This place is a home to over 250 species of wild herbs enclosed by dry stone walls. You can buy scented souvenirs and enjoy the spectacular view.

Bottlenose dolphins are, for sure, one of Lošinj’s most popular natural attractions. You can enjoy 3 hour guided cruise in the open sea around Lošinj archipelago dolphin watching and learn more about those interesting creatures. You can even engage in an “Adopt a dolphin” program established by the Blue world organization, or celebrate the world dolphin day – July 1st.

If you are into water sports you can go windsurfing or SUP boarding in one of many Lošinj famous camps such as Lopari camp.

Osorčica Mountain is full of hiking trails, you can see the stone chapel of St. Nicholas, reach the Televrin peak or visit the tavern at the site of the former military outpost. Your body and soul will be grateful and you will be rewarded by a spectacular view.

Lošinj is the perfect place to unwind, enjoy the amazing cuisine, and find out on your own why it’s called the Island of Vitality!

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