Pag is an island in the northern Adriatic and is the fifth biggest island of the Croatian coast and the one with the longest coastline.

Pag has two cities, Pag, and Novalja, and many small villages that attract tourists. The city of Pag is the administrative center and the most populated, while Novalja has a very rich nightlife, especially during the summer. Novalja has become famous for the Zrće beach that became the party center of the Croatian coastline during the summer. It is home to some famous music festivals, as well as many nightclubs.

Zrće beach, one of the best party beaches in the world, offers not only sun and sea, but also top parties, clubs and excellent music, in four open-air clubs Aquarius, Kalypso, Noa and Papaya, where world’s leading DJs play and party never ends. If you get tired partying on the land you can continue your celebration at sea at one of the party boats.

Pag cultural summer and Cultural summer in Novalja provide much needed concerts of classical, traditional and folklore music, art exhibitions, theatre and other entertaining events.

If you look for more quiet time Pag offers plenty of hidden beaches or small villages you can enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine and culture.

Two unique things from the island are the Pag cheese and Pag lace. Pag Island cheese is a variety of hard, distinctively flavored sheep milk cheese, it is the most famous of the autochthone cheeses from Croatia and is very widespread, not just on Pag, but in Croatia and outside of Croatia.

The famous cheese comes in two varieties: mild aroma young cheese and mature cheese that is harder and spicier. Local sheep herd on rare autochthonous aromatic herbs exposed to bura wind that covers them with sea salt. That’s where characteristic taste and rich aroma of Pag cheese comes from.

Pag in North Adriatic Region in Croatia

Pag lace, alongside Hvar lace and Lepoglava lace was inscribed in the UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is a type of lacework from Pag that was made without any drawings, modeled on old lacework from family members.

Unseen beauty of incredible patterns of lace are made on Pag since the 15th century. The tradition was passed down from generation to generation, and in 1937 Pag lace received the gold plaque for high quality hand-craft at the World Exhibition in Paris. Lace maker from Pag was living at the court of Empress Maria Theresa in Vienna. The tradition stayed alive, so while walking around Pag you can still see women engaged in this beautiful craft in the streets. If you visit Pag make sure you take this incredible souvenir with you. You can also visit the Monastery of Santa Margherita where you can enjoy collection of lace samples over 150 year old.

One of the natural phenomenon not to be missed while visiting is “Pag triangle” near Novalja, a megalithic triangle imprint in the rock; that remains unexplained by the science to this day.

This island, full of peculiarities, is also known for salt productions due to the favourable clay surface and exceptional climatic conditions. You can take a salt tour and learn about the production that supplies entire Croatia with salt.

Don’t miss a ride through over 1500 years old olive tree plantation in Lun. Calming energy of this botanical reserve will certainly revive you. A beautiful experience that shifts your perspective and overwhelms you with the energy of these quiet witnesses that are still alive and produce olives for high quality and much appreciated olive oil.

For adventurous and sport types there is plenty of choice. You can rent a boat, jet-ski, para-sail,, fly-board, kayak or a bike. The island abounds in various activities from diving, trekking or rock-climbing.

Pag is a wonderful island to visit and explore, rich with culture and entertainment!

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