The Kornati archipelago is located south from Zadar and west of Šibenik. With 140 islands, some big, some small, in an area of 320 square kilometers, the Kornati are the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The archipelago got its name after the biggest island in the bunch, Kornat.

They can be divided into Upper Kornati and Lower Kornati. It was severely deforested during the Venetian occupation because the islands were used for resupplying the Venetian fleet.

89 of the 140 islands of the Kornati archipelago were declared a National Park in 1980, protecting the island and its marine surroundings.Kornati archipelago is a perfect addition to your sailing vacation, with its dense indented coastline it would surely make for an amazing experience!

Biograd in Central Adriatic Region in Croatia
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