Hvar is often referred to as the queen of the Dalmatian islands. It has been important through history for its strategic nautical position. The ancient Greeks founded Pharos (now Stari Grad) in 384 BC making it one of the oldest towns in Europe. The plains around Stari Grad are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The island has two cites – Hvar and Stari Grad and two municipalities Jelsa and Sućuraj. Hvar has very hot summers and mild winters and is the island with the most sunshine hours per year!

Hvar’s residents rely mostly on fishing and tourism. Its Mediterranean vegetation, climate, and multiple beautiful beaches make it one of the most attractive tourist spots in Europe. Hvar is often called the island of lavender, famous for its cultivation of lavender, used for aromatic oils and soaps.

Hvar is one of the two most famous winemaking zones in Croatia, recognizable for red wines produced from the Plavac Mali grape, while the central plain of the island is famous for its white wines.

Hvar is considered one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world and is a must-visit when sailing in Croatia!

ACI Marina Palmižana and ACI Marina Vrboska are both located on Hvar!

Island Hvar in South Adriatic Region in Croatia
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